Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're going in circles - again

Ok... back to the old drawing board - yurts. I want a damn yurt!

Gosh we see all these good deals on homes over in Hawaii and we start thinking we can afford them. Well, we can't, not if we want to retire early and live off of what we have going on comfortably. Sure we can sell the farm in WA, but what if it doesn't sell, do we put our dream on hold forever, just waiting? Do we give it away in this market just to move forward?

With the yurt plan we could secure the property, probably on an owner contract since land loans are outrageous, and then go about setting it up with small personal loan for the yurt and associated materials. We'd have to figure out how to finance the septic and water catchment, but that will come. We could go the 20ft yurt and build an attached structure to house kitchen and bath, or we could go the 30ft yurt and frame bath and kitchen inside. I'm thinking the 30ft option as I've seen some pics of this and like what I see.

I've been looking at other yurts in Hawaii, particularly on the Big Island and they're pretty cool. I think it would be fun to document a yurt from plans to placement, and I know folks that would want to be involved.

This makes our dream a reality within the next couple of years, not years down the road and worry about money. Heck if we decide to build a decade from now, we can always remove the yurt. I'm still in love with Sea View however, so at least staying consistent with that.


  1. LOL Ann, if you have been to my blog recently you will see that we are going through the same damn thing!

  2. See Blake, time gives us perspective...