Saturday, February 27, 2010

Each day brings new adventure!

I woke up this morning still trying to calm my stomach after all the ex-husband drama, only to find out about the earthquake and resulting tsunami that is now heading toward the Hawaiian Islands! My goodness, the price of paradise! Lava, earthquakes, tsunami, tropical storms - I think I'd be a little scared and always making sure there is a back up plan! Especially after I was just reading about evacuations of coastal areas! Hope all will stay safe over there! I'd rather be dealing with a tsunami than my divorce :-)

Friday, February 26, 2010

WOW!!! The lies the lies the lies!

Please dear blogging buddies, forgive me the vent! I'm dealing with a horrible situation from my ex-husband who just served me with completely bogus legal papers, completely full of lies! It's just sick! It makes me sick to my stomach that some one uses and abuses their children and the court system for their own sick personal gain and gratification, and there is a distinct pattern to it all. I hope to get through this, but damn it's evil! Thanks to all for your support, it's greatly needed and appreciated! I know, good always truimphs over evil! That's all I can believe in.

I'm excited about a new acquiantance

Online, via facebook, I've met Katherine Patton, of the Hilo Coffee Mill. We've been discussing tea. Amongst the many things they do, in addition to growing and processing wonderful coffee, they grow tea there onsite and are getting ready for their first harvest. We've exchanged some initial ideas about blending HI teas with lavender. Sounds like a perfect combination to me! I'll keep posting as more unfolds.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Got to get on with more positive thoughts

So, back to dreaming about pineapples and such. Below are listing in the Kalapana Sea View area that I mull over and over. Not saying I can ever afford anything like this now that my ex-husband has jerked me around... but one can dream right??

I saw this little cabin last time I was there from the road, it's a cutie. Just came on the market last week at $54K. It appears to be unpermitted and off grid, seemingly like some walls are bamboo, not sure. At anyrate, they've done a nice job with it. But it's not for me, too expensive and too open for part-time use.

And here's another lot for $30k, hard to tell much because of the jungle.

And this lot is listed at $26K, has a neighbor right next door, across the street there is an abandoned campout (I guess) and some foliage.

Beyond these, there are two more I find interesting, one listed at $26K and is more or less open like the lot above and on the same street. The other is listed at $30K and is located on the same street as the bamboo cabin above and is heavily jungled. I'm thinking I rather like something a little more open as less bugs and coqui frogs. The jungled lot we went by in the evening and it was LOUD!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Been there! DONE with that! Seriously, won't EVER do that again! All I ended up doing was getting fat myself and rarely did the outdoorsy stuff I used to love to do! Feels so good to get back to myself.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My New Mantra

And now... back to drama free lifestyle....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Awe, Valentine's Day

I've got some great friends and family - just can't say that enough!!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've got great family and friends.and Lil' Pete :-)

As many people know, I've been dealt a difficult deal from my so-called-husband, and am left grappling with it all, a divorce - yuk. But, amazingly, I'm gettin through. My family is extremely supportive of me as they know the hell I've lived for the past 5 years and are relieved to see it come to an end too. My friends have been awesome, coming forth to offer support, housing, basic neccesities, you name it, everything my ex has taken away from me and my child. I will get through. Life will be good again.

I have been receiving many emails telling me not to give up my "Crazy Pineapple Dream" because after all it was my dream to begin with. Many folks (I didn't even know I had readers of my blog) have mentioned that I should continue to write about the dream as a way of getting through instead of shutting it down. I have to say that I agree.

So, I want to repost my detail of growing my own pineapple - Lil' Pete. It's been a fun experience and goes well with my "Crazy Pineapple Dream".

We found Lil' Pete at Home Depot in early December 2009. I was very excited about having a true pineapple plant! I babied him, put him in an attractive pot, in the sunny window and occassionally spritzed him with water. He did well.

About two weeks ago I started to notice Lil' Pete was beginning to ripen.

After about two weeks, I chopped him and let him further ripen on the counter.

He smelled so sweet! Then finally I decided the deed must be done. I cut him open and carved him up.

He tasted sweet! All four bites of him! I then put his top in water and hope to try planting him once settled into my new place.

So, anyway, yeah, Lil's Pete was yummy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Time out to be alone

Many of my dear friends already know this, but I'm putting it out there to my friends and acquaintances that don't know yet. I am currently grappling with an extremely painful divorce and am reeling from it all and from how purposely evil and hurtful my soon to be ex-husband is. I hope to get back to the Crazy Pineapple Hawaiian dream/delusion someday, but for now, all of my energy is going toward self preservation. This has been an unbelievable culmination of an ongoing very painful relationship. I hope to find healing and strength as I am currently completely broken by it all. Time for silence and healing and safe places emotionally.