Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm gonna make a list

Yes, another list, sorry I'm a list person. Used to be more anal about lists, then just got too busy to keep up with it all. Yet, I've been reading a ton of info on the web regarding yurts and I need to store this info somewhere to easily retrieve at some point. So, here goes: wait, I think I need to be more organized with this list, I think I will make a list then go to detailed posts for lists within the lists, in no particular order, may have to revisit each topic as information is learned - ha, did I say I was anal about lists??? Funny.

From the ground up

ok, secure property - in process
start building permit - will likely use Yurts of Hawaii for help with that as I don't have the time or energy to deal with it.
generate interest in folks to help with labor - in process
land prep - need names and numbers, we want to be in Sea View so would like to hire folks who are close to there
septic and water catchment - will need a contractor
Yurt - plan to order Colorado Yurt Co as I like their product
upgrades to yurt - will detail this later, but need some to be comfortable in tropical climate
deck design - hmmm, i know what I want, but for permitting probably need to have it drawn
interior finish - I want to finish out the inside with recycle, second hand, found items
exterior issues - considerations for the yurt
exterior landscaping - including hard rock design
what have I forgotten so far??

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