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Spending time in Yuma....

Spending time with my Dad and his wife in Yuma, just prior to our big move. Both are 84 years old and with a move so far away, it seems very important to me to be here. It's been a great visit so far <3 p="">

Monday, February 18, 2013

Using plywood for interior ....

Seems like a "duh" to me!!!


This article/post is mostly about using plywood for flooring and saving money by doing so. This seems like a no brainer to me... mostly because I'm planning a tiny home, but also because I actually like the look of painted floors. One only have to cruise Pinterest to get some GREAT ideas on painted floors. Further, there are so many different cool floor paints on the market now that it's even more EASY. I particularly like the thick floor paints I've found over the years at Home Depot, these work very well with sealing everything in, and that mitigates the off gasing of the plywood (one would think). If I get real bored over the next few days (which is likely considering the current circumstances) I will cruise Pinterest and post some painted floor ideas :-)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cute idea

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

These are so cool

I've heard they're expensive though, wish I could find one cheaper than $150 yikes!

Large Heat-Powered Stove Fans


This would be a sweet extra room


Love the idea of the little deck and the guest house

Found this info on http://moleculetinyhomes.blogspot.com/

Would need a little entry roof on guest space

I like the slider that opens to deck

Like the idea of storage under the fridge

Love the windows and the green trim


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Really liking this floor plan

The Wellerhttp://www.fourlightshouses.com/products/weller

Small Marine Stove

Here's another stove idea I'm considering... http://www.dickinsonmarine.com/

Little stove!!


$1200 for the propane verses the $200 for the wood stove ... hmmmm

Want to save this idea for window placement

This would bring in all kinds of natural light!

Gold Thread Tiny House living room


Thinking about interior decor

In such a small space, I'll have to keep it fairly simple. I LOVE the look of the vintage Hawaiian postcards, posters, and travel guide items.

Found a nice resource, locally (through ebay lol).

Saturday, February 2, 2013


What I like about this blog is that the pictures and information are not made up in a pretty little package, to glamorize small space living... this one seems more real, not overly pretty, but functional :-)


This blog so details the thought process... yes, I can identify !!

Extremely well thought out, detailed and informative blog! Yay!!!


Tiny Home Builders




Love this...

Can't remember where the pic came from, but want to save it.