Friday, October 30, 2009

More of what we're looking for

Thomas wants to get back into diving. He used to dive when living in CA quite a bit. I think that for anyone who lives near the water and likes to dive it's a no brainer. Me... well... I guess I like to snorkel. I'm a little scared of the ocean with it's strong currents. I don't swim enough to be really confident. When I snorkel it always takes me a while to get used to breathing through a small tube and yikes!! god forbid I bump into something big out there - freaks me out. Oh, not to mention I always get foot cramps from the darn big flippers. I'd like to find some type of small flipper that is made of a really pliable moldable gell-like something... I can't do the large, long, stiff flippers. Anyway, I'm sure there's something out there like that I just don't know where to look yet. Plus maybe I need more calcium or vitamins regarding foot cramps :-)

The picture of the green sea turtle came from a cool blog website called I am told there are many sea turtles around the island. When we were visiting we were watching surfers and I caught a glimpse of a large turtle, more like it was his silhouette on the shoulder of a wave. I saw it twice as it swam across the mouth of the bay. We are told to snorkel near City of Refuge and Honaunau Bay for seeing many kinds of sea life especially turtles. That will have to be on another trip. We did drive through there to look around, yet sooooo crowded when we were there we chose to not even try to park. That will probably be a very early morning jaunt some day.

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