Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Outdoor showers

I want an outdoor shower... not sure just how much I'd use one, but maybe a lot and our guests may well use it a lot too, at the very least to rinse off sand and stuff it would be cool. I'm thinking it would be easy to plumb for one if we built a small enclosure off of the back of the yurt, on the ground with a grid platform for drainage. We could just run the hot and cold out from underneath the bathroom area along one side of the yurt. I like the above pic with the bamboo screening for privacy. And of course, that's what Tom would look like showering outdoors once he lives in Hawaii and grows his hair long. (grin)


  1. Thomas says he already looks like this and doesn't understand my post...

  2. Ann I bought a book called "The Outdoor Shower" that I very highly DO NOT recommend. What a waste of $20, I just wanted to warn you so you do not do the same. I will send you mind if you want but I doubt you'll get much from it. Email me your address if you want to see it.

  3. Well, that sounds quite disapointing about the book. I'll save both you and I on any more shipping costs if it's that bad, but thanks for the heads up! Dang! Not even any good pics?