Monday, December 28, 2009

Cool tiny space furnishings

These are some ideas I've ran across on and I want to keep track of these things.
The first item is a Fagor portable induction burner, reportedly the best price for these is found at Amazon.
The next two items are some ideas on reusing pallets, I've been interested in doing something with these for quite a while as I think its such a waste of free wood to throw them away. How easy are these ideas? And the bookshelves are extremely space saving .
The next item is a portable on-demand water heater for showers, how easy is that - huh?
Next is an extremely space saving refrigerator - I like!
Then I really liked this pic with the water crock in it. I think water crocks are cool, and I also thought the knife rack and storage rack was a neat idea in the pic.
The set of pics if of old retro all-in-one kitchen combos. I love these and have seen them at a few antique stores, what a good idea these were. Many still functional, but man are these babies heavy to move about! Further, I'm sure they still need the cooling liquid, what's it called Free-oint, or something, in the fridge part which becomes an issue.
Lastly is a counter top portable dishwasher. I posted this because I thought it was one of the most ridiculous ideas I've seen and whomever buys and uses one of these must be extremely lazy and have money to burn on electricity - how about old fashioned doing the dishes by hand peoples????

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