Monday, December 21, 2009

Thinking about decks

I've been mulling over some deck considerations. Seems to me that a good size deck will be important for our small cabin.

A friend had a suggestion of screening in part of the deck in an effort to cut down on bugs. We saw a screened in porch at a house we visited in HPP and thought it must be worth while. My dad and his wife have a winter home in Arizona where they say many folks have an "Arizona room" that is basically a sun room only screened in. I would think this would also add extra space for guest to sleep on the deck without being eaten alive by skeeters.

But... I don't know if I'm a big fan of screening it in, yet I better listen to local suggestions as they are the ones living there already right??? Maybe I could do roll up screens, not sure if that would be defeating the purpose, but sometimes the screens just don't let enough air in. Just a thought.
I'd like to do a covered deck (prob screened) and then also another uncovered area that we can lay out in the sun on. Or put the BBQ out on.

Decking material and maintenance seem to be a big consideration in East Hawaii. We're thinking about the composite decking as we won't be there full-time to keep up on the maintenance of it by continual re-staining. Yet, the composite is so expensive...

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