Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recycling items into functional stuff

So, OK... we drink a lot of wine....

Over the years I've saved a lot of corks to eventually do something with someday. Well, I guess today was that day! I was at the thrift store, actually left work early as I just felt like I couldn't stand to be there another moment, and went to poke around town. Anyway, at the thrift store they had several frames and I picked one up for .50. I came home and dumped out my garbage bag full of wine corks and began to make a cork note board. I'm going to surprise Thomas with it. The unexpected part of this project was that as I cruised through the corks, I started to remember many of the unique corks and the bottles of wine they came in, many were attached to memories of activities, places, wineries, and events we've attended. It was fun to pick through and place the corks with the unique pictures and names of wineries on them facing up to look at. This particular board is also a memory board in addition to a function cork note board. I will paint the frame so it will match the cabin and glue the corks later in the week. Thomas will be surprised, unless he reads this post first!


  1. This is how you post a comment Thomas! Maybe if you weren't ruining the cork board surprise by discovering it prior to you receiving it, you wouln't be asking how to post a comment!! Not sure it that makes sense, but you ruined the surprise anyway!! Maybe I'll just keep it for myself now.........

  2. I did it!!! My first blog comment. Shhhh don't tell Tom about the surprise.

  3. What surprise? He doesn't get it anymore. Besides he's too busy watching True Blood Marathon.