Sunday, December 6, 2009


There a several your manufacturing companies, and several styles of yurts. I'm not going to detail all of this info as its readily available on the Internet and I've already made the decision about the company I'm going with

Some recent resource finds are going to be really helpful:

1. can help with drafting, consulting, permit process, construction and setup just to name a few benefits. At first I thought why would I need help with this, I can weed through it all and enlist help and find subcontractors. Now I'm thinking it's difficult to handle all of this from across the ocean, with limited time, and with limited visits. So, will probably be working with them in some form.

2. This is a blog written by Delia Montgomery detailing her process and experience in setting up her own yurt on the BI, she's not very far from where we plan to be. This is packed full of into regarding each step and considerations within. Good stuff.

3. Yurt Interiors' facebook page and website are really informational. Their book Round Design, Modern Yurt Interiors is on my list to purchase as I want ideas and inspiration as we plan the interior.

4. an online resource for "all things yurt", need I say more? Their book Yurts, Living in the Round is probably another resource on my list to purchase.

Ok, that's all the posting I have time for today!

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