Thursday, December 10, 2009

A good old fashioned yurt raising weekend

I'm not sure of what exactly this will consist of, but I imagine it could go something like this:

We hire Yurts of Hawaii to not only assist us with ordering our yurt, but also some of the permit process (still undecided if we will do the permitting process ourselves) and to oversee our yurt raising. We will have the land clearing done, then will likely hire out someone to do the platform/decks as we may not be there to do it, or if it's only me I can't build a deck (maybe I could but I want this thing to withstand earthquakes for Pete's sake and my deck certainly would not).

Then comes the yurt raising weekend. I'm starting to get together folks that are interested in putting up the yurt, many are just plain curious about yurts and want to be involved. We would plan on this taking a full weekend. We would provide food and beverages and camping out for those who don't want to drive, maybe even some music and a trip to the awa kava bar :-). We want this to be a time of learning, good food and working with and enjoying friends. So it would be a little on the leisure side of things not strictly a work camp :-) I promise.

After the yurt raising (and possibly prior) we will begin work on septic and water install, this will be hired out.

We don't have dates in mind yet, but likely next October. Summer is too busy for many people, especially us with our work.

If anyone is interested, email me at and I will add your name to (one of the many) list. This can be folks from the mainland as well as island neighbors who have an interest in yurts.

Looking sooooo forward to it!


  1. Heya Ann~ I would love to help with the yurt raising - and I will volunteer Mike as well. ;-) Yurts are such cool shelters, one that we consider now & then as well. Keep warm & keep on dreaming of Hawaii! ~Liz

  2. Hi Liz, I was going to send you guys a personal invite to help if you're interested. So, VERY glad to see you are. Yep keeping warm here by dreamin about HI. Take good care, and tell Mike hello. Ann

  3. Hello Ann,

    If you are interested we can provide contact information for some some contractors in Hawaii that have previous yurt experience. They could build the platform and or assist in the yurt installation.

    Pete Dolan
    Pacific Yurts

  4. Thank you Pete, we will keep all contacts in mind as we get closer. We're using our blog right now as a resource gathering page for us. We do plan to have someone build our deck/platform for us (and haven't decided on who yet), but do want to have some assistance/guidance with the yurt install as we have many interested folks who want to come be hands on and learn about putting up a yurt. Also, I've viewed your website many times and love some of the ideas on there. Great stuff! Thank you for your contact. Ann