Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dirt or lack there of...

I've been thinking more about options for no, or very little soil in relation to growing food. When I was on the island last time I noticed many, many houses had several potted plants placed about in their landscape, most in the black plastic pots you bring plants home from the nursery in. I thought they must not have the time to get those plants in the ground just yet. But now I'm realizing that many folks on the island garden in containers as a permanent option, likely because the lack of soil on certain parts of the island. I plan to do a post on soil building as I've assembled a bit of info on that and some of the different methods and mixes. But for now I'm just wanting to say that there is a lot of food that can be grown in containers. This past summer, I didn't have time to get my potatoes in the garden, I had started them in those large black plastic nursery pots that trees come in.... there they stayed until I harvested them as new potatoes. They were delish! Not sure I will ever waste the space of planting potatoes in the ground again. And harvesting them was a snap, just turn the pot up-side-down and shake off the dirt, no more cut up potatoes on accident.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Li Hing.... again.....

A friend from the island sent me a package of Li Hing Powder and I'm curious about different ways to use it. This particular site had lots of good suggestions, and a GREAT post about experimenting with it. I think I want to try it on popcorn next.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Is it wrong to dream so much about a life different than one's own.... a life filled with pineapples, tropical breezes, jungle, beaches, well....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I want one of these....

and I want to grow one of each, well, not really that's probably not realistic, but what a great resource.

Can be found and ordered through

Just because I love small spaces

and want to save these pics for future ideas.... I found these on  I love how they incorporate antiques and recycled building materials into their designs. Something like this would def need some modification for the islands, such as larger windows for airflow. The pics are not all of the same little house, but ideas gathered from some of their designs.

Friday, October 8, 2010

waiting.... and watching.... for inexpensive airfare

It is a lot more expensive to fly to and from the islands for me nowadays.... living in Montana, there just are not many options. I either have to drive hours to get out of the state to find less expensive airfare, or pay a much higher price to fly out of my area. OR fly one of the cheaper airlines, such as Alegiant yet then spend a night either in the airport or motel because none of their flights seem to coincide with flights to the islands..... sigh.....  However, here is one helpful resource I just have my destinations plugged in and everyday, yes everyday and it does get annoying at times, I get the least expensive airfares delivered to my inbox. It has helped me out a few times. I'm a big fan!

Getting back in the swing of things....

I'm hoping to get back to my Crazy Pineapple Dream.... It's been a while. First there was the seperation and nasty divorce, then the time to heal and recover, then the new distraction (which is still all VERY good) and then a busy summer season at my store. So... yes, the dream was put away for a bit.

I've tried to stay connected however on many levels and am so very thankful for my hawaii facebook friends, punaweb friends, and active bloggers that write about life on the islands, it's help trememdously to pick back up where I left off and that's what I intend to do.

First step in re-commitment to the dream, a savings plan. (easier said than done) When I left my ex-husband I walked away with nothing, even taking all of our marital bills, as I had the good credit most of the bills were in my name. My ex-creep wouldn't pay for anything, and in the end, it was VERY worth it to me to take the hit just to get away. And I did. So, all of that said, one of the things I walked away with was a small jar I've had for years that has a sticker on it saying "Life Savings" and in it was 30 cents and a wine cork. It pretty much summed up my current situation. I still smile about it today. I've come along way since that day however, and have made a plan for the dream savings..... yet I still do have that little jar, it's full now and I have started several other jars for change.

It will all happen..... one step at a time......   :-)

My Hawaii Fund saving plan.... LOL