Thursday, January 14, 2010

This old house...

Why do I love it so? Our old farmstead home was built in 1896, wow, it's withstood a lot of life. Time for some TLC.

You can only ignore the elephant standing in the room for so long... Time to do some work on the old house. We knew we had issues with a rotted sill plate, just for starters. The last time I was at the farm one of the windows was showing some distress underneath. I found a guy that knows what he's doing with an old house like this - finally, and now to start slowly fix... slowly... as money allows... which means... really slowly. I've attached some pics of the rotting sill plate, but also, when we opened up under the window we discovered there was nothing left to support it! Yikes! So we will rebuild that too. The plan is to start at the back which has the most rot, then work our way around, also replacing the front porch which has a few holes (might only need decking we'll see as we tear in). This summer, we will address the old windows, probably take down and rebuild. Then we will finally paint the rest of the house as I've painted some parts, until I ran into the rot issues.

Oh fun!

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