Monday, January 18, 2010

Back from Washington

Good to be home, traveling is tiring, even if it wasn't very far. While in WA I visited a few of my favorite places and took some pics. I had to force myself to spend more time doing chores at the farm than touring around visiting and seeing the sites. But I did squeeze in a day or two.

I spent a rainy, breezy afternoon in Port Townsend and visited some of my favs: the Food Co-op for some great apples and my favorite lemon zinger cookie from Candice's Cookies, our favorite little bakery for some of their yummy foccacia, Aldriches Grocery for some delicous hot soup. I drove down to Fort Worden to sit by the water to eat my feast. And on the way there noticed that some of the "Painted Ladies" are for sale, hmmm time for someone else to love them I guess. I also noticed pink flowering plum blossoms popping out.

I also squeezed in a visit to my friend Trudy's Eaglemount Winery and Cidery and scored a bottle of her absolutely delicious Peary Cider - my favorite! So good!

Anyway, as said, it's nice to be back home, but it's hard to return to cold weather and frozen ground. It felt so good to bend over and pull weeds while working in the garden at the farm and see the new growth sprouting already. A patch of sprouting iris in my gardens.

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