Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Other links from PunaWeb I don't want to lose.

I hate to just keep adding links from PunaWeb, but there's just so much darn good info I want to save.

In this particular thread someone asks about planting for privacy screening, many good suggestions followed. http://punaweb.org/Forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9867
I'm thinking that if we land on a small lot, which is likely, we will be considering privacy screening immediately. I like the look of a mix of attractive fencing along with tropical landscape. I'm sure we will fence around our outdoor shower, just to save the poor neighbors the horror, with wooden fencing, or possibly wooden posts and framework then bamboo screening along with some clumping bamboo plants. KathyH on the above thread had some great suggestions for bamboo that is quick growing and not invassive (never knew there was such a variety but there's several). I also like the suggestions of planting bushes like Ti, which has a lovely red variety, that tend to grow easily and fairly quickly yet they get leggy, so planting something lower growing to fill in the under-story is a great idea.

I also posted an older thread on PW regarding what to plant for part-time enjoyment. My meaning was that Thomas and I will only by on the island for a number of years part-time, likely during the months of October and April to begin with, and then maybe adding January, then transitioning into being there from October or January through the early part of May. At least that's the plan right now. ANYWAY, we both really want to plant tropical fruits and trees, yet we don't want a bunch of fruit falling to waste when we are not there to keep up on the mess. The responses on this thread offer some great suggestions. http://punaweb.org/Forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9233

This next thread also had some great information on choosing avocado varieties for year round production and type. We had two wonderful avos sent to us by a friend, OMG we soooo enjoyed them. I took them up and down the block to show them off, then we took pics of it with Ruby just to show how big they were. This got us pretty darn excited about gardening in HI.

Oh heck with it, I'm gonna post a few more links to PW threads all in this one blog post as this is all great stuff I plan to return to. Easier to have it in one place than searching PW for it again. So here's more!

This one is about starting plants from cuttings and also discusses starting Plumeria trees from cuttings

This one is about Hapu'u ferns which I just love (not sure why I like them though as I really don't like some of the ferns that grow at my farm in WA, except the maiden hair ferns)

This one was on purchasing a greenhouse and ended up discussing "screen houses" and how to put one together instead of purchasing a costly greenhouse. This proved interesting because a lot of folks in East Hawaii are not using greenhouses and screenhouses to elevate heat, but more for environmental control such as to lessen the impact of hard driving rains, to keep bugs and snails out and to control temps, and other ideas.

This one has a few suggestions for books to purchase for growing tropical fruits in HI. I posted this on PW because I really wanted to buy a few books to have to research during our time in MT and to make plans for planting in HI.

This post had some good info on the effect of VOG on plants, what folks were noticing as far as the types of plants affected and what tends to happen on the East side of the island verses the west side - interesting. http://punaweb.org/Forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8368

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  1. LOL Ann you are so like me. And even though I search over there I still don;t find the exact one I am looking for or at least it takes a while. When we both move or are preparing to I am contacting you for all my information since I have such crappy memory these days.