Thursday, January 7, 2010

Colors and cabin design

For years I've cut out pictures from magazines and stuffed them into folders marked "farm" or "cabin" or "Hawaii dreams" or "future ideas". I've return to these occasionally to review, and as my likes and styles changed I'd cull some pics. Funny though, many of my likes and styles haven't changed as I've got some of these picture ideas from a long time ago and someday may use them in my designs. Today, it's much easier to find stuff on the internet an do a copy/paste to keep track. I do try to also post where I've found the pics to give credit, but sometimes I forget.

I've gone from collecting vintage 40s green items and fire king jadite green dishes for the farm in WA. to deciding that I wanted to do cabin or lodge style interior and accents and have been collecting red and black, and some green, for our cabin in MT. Now moving on to collecting tropical colors, I'm partial to (yes you guessed it) green again, only this time a lighter more tropical green and a light mango color.

I found these pics initially from a post on facebook, then went to their link looks like a beautiful place. Anyway, I love their little "Avocado Tree House" the colors and some of the ideas. So I snagged a few pics for future reference.

I'm not a big fan of the taller addition to the little cabin with the porch, they refer to that as their meditation area, it's beautiful as shown on their website. I like the look of the little cabin with the deck and could see doing something similar only a little bigger. They also had some pics of their outdoor bathroom area. We would do our bathroom inside, however, as said many times, we're doing an outdoor shower.

And finally, an idea we really like, a covered outdoor bbq area!

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