Saturday, January 2, 2010

Growing Bananas

I'm wanting to document all I'm learning about tropical fruit/plant growing. We are enamored with the small Brazilian Banana or Apple Banana one can find in abundance on the island. Bananas have been discussed quite a bit on the PunaWeb blog and I want to save these threads as there is a lot of good info in them. A great thread on growing bananas and  different varieties.

A thread regarding variegated bananas. We saw these bananas cut up on a plate with the beautiful variegated skin still on and we were quite impressed and curious about them. After reading more about them however, we probably won't pursue growing this variety as we are not going to be there enough to pamper it.,bananas

A fellow punawebber named Allen Goodson  sent me some great photos from his banana farm he had back in the 90s. He's provided great info on variety and how to grow.

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