Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love the idea of recycling used pallets as a building material

So much free wood - so little time. Seriously, many companies just discard pallets. I gotta get me a list together (OMG yes another list) of companies in the surrounding area that are willing to get rid of these - for free. I'll post more when I do.

But in the mean time, here's more inspiration:

This page has a TON of pics and ideas for building structures using pallets. I love the posts about making a chicken house out of pallets and stuff from freecyle.

Building a fence out of pallets: (not a big fan of the end result looks of this, but I could see using them for screening in certain areas)

Or what about art projects with pallets? I'm sure I could sell artsy garden related signs painted on pallet wood at my shop. (note to self - try to convince artist friend Willow to paint some for me) this link has some funky art using pallets.

Heck if we were really into it, and Thomas would NOT cut off his fingers, we could build some really attractive furniture out of pallets, such as found on this site

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