Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shipping stuff.... to Hawaii... wow - lots of money

Ok.. posting this, but not done with this post, will return to edit with more info.....

Great info from our friends Mike and Liz:
Honolulu Freight will also ship your car loaded with stuff; they did ours from Seattle. The driver's seat area must be free but the rest can be packed to the gills, and the whole thing gets loaded into their container (by them). You just drive it to their yard. On this end it was waiting for us at Kona Trans in Hilo.

They have all the info on their website.

aloha, Liz
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Link to further discussion with other companies providing frieght services.,containers

We've decided to explore Honolulu Frieght, I'll report back, because we want to load our pickup truck (which has a lockable canopy) to the gills and ship that, whatever fits goes, whatever does not fit stays. We would then purchase whatever else we needed on the island.

OK, just got off the phone with Seattle Honolulu Frieght, YES we can ship our truck fully loaded to the gills with our stuff... but at a price! $2500. Whoa - ouch. We'd have to really pack tight and make it worth that much much money. Our friends shipped their car over for just under $1200, but couldn't have anything in it and it wasn't put into an enclosed container. Things to think about.

Yep, just checked Matson shipping from Seattle (Pasha doesn't ship out of Seattle port) and for vehicle the size of our truck going to be $1072 and possibly some odd fees. But, everything that is not bolted down to the truck, inside and out has to be removed.

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