Monday, October 26, 2009


Oh, so much more to do, yet running out of time...

We stopped by the home of our new friend Frankie and shared gardening and bee keeping stories. It was a pleasant visit.

Then we headed back down to Kalapana area as we were to look closer at real estate listings. We decided to explore the lava and black sand beach located across from the cafe, can't remember the name something like Kaimu Beach, but it used to be very popular beach for swimming and surfing, but then the lava took it. Now there is a trail out there, steep lava cliffs, a small black sand beach and a bunch of newly sprouted/planted coconut palm trees that will someday be the future palm tree grove at this beach.

We met Wes (our realtor) to look at a house and some lots in Seaview at noon that day. We had it narrowed down to 5 lots and after looking with Wes, we have it narrowed down to 3 now. One of the lots we wanted to look closer at was in the upper section of Seaview. We rounded the corner and pulled up to park and stared out at two women apparently cleaning something roadside clothed only in what appeared to be loin cloths. They were completely tanned over every portion of their body, so we figured this must be the normal attire. They were friendly and talkative and pointed out a HUGE Abezia tree on this particular lot, which we had not even noticed as we didn't look up that far, we had only looked into the lot and couldn't see much because it was so heavily jungled. At any rate, the lots was a mess and too much to deal with for my liking, especially when the other lots would cost a lot less to clear. We said our goodbyes and are sure we will meet again.

The three lots we liked were located in the lower area of Seaview, and darn it if I didn't just get an email from Wes saying that one of them just had a price reduction. Shoot! We can't act upon anything just yet, but we can hope!

That evening as it got dark we headed back down to Seaview for one last tour, we wanted to hear the coqui frogs and to get a look at the neighborhoods at night. Seaview is a relatively quiet place, with frogs. Some of the neighborhoods had large frog infestations than others and were thus louder, especially on one of the streets that we liked a lot on.... After that we decided to stop stalking the residents of Seaview and left the area.

As we drove back down the road we decided to pick up some beer to take home, as we rounded the corner we discovered a small lit up tikki hut with torches and string lights... and an open sign... we of course pulled in. We were greeted with welcomes and told this was a little local gathering spot, with potluck and often music. There was a fellow playing guitar and singing, some small plate offerings, kava and wine or beer for a "donation". It was cool. We stayed for a little over an hour and visited and learned a lot about the area and met some of the residents... again, it can be a funky area, but we liked it. Thomas finally went home and drank his kava he had purchased at the hilo farmer's market earlier in the week. He pretty much just went to sleep. The end :-)

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