Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday - last day on the island :-(

Where does all the time go eh? We had planned to save this day to drive over to the Kona side to visit with one of Tom's old school buddies, instead we jumped in the squirrel and headed out to explore Volcanoes National Park.

VNP was pretty interesting, lots to look at, read about, experience and explore, from mountain top down to the sea. Some of the highlights were the Visitor center, the trails, the calderas, the lava tube and the beautiful black lava making the ocean appear such a stunning color of blue.

While we were down at the sea arch area we actually saw two whales breach up out of the water - very cool! These apparently are some of the first returning whales to the islands. They return each year to calf and mate, one usually sees them over near Maui as they tend to hang around within the more protected waters there. We felt very fortunate to see them.

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