Thursday, October 29, 2009

What I'm looking for in Hawaii

Well... this has been a long time coming. I couldn't really act upon it prior as there has always been the kids to think about. So, kids to think about now, hmmm let me think, I'm not gonna think about it anymore. By the time we are spending significant amount of time in Hawaii the last of these kiddos will be out the door.
So, the current plan as it stands (today) is to purchase a place that we can be at during these long, long, long, cold, cold, cold, winters. We know we need to purchase this year as the prices over there are nearing, if not already, rock bottom. At first we thought we'd build, but are now some what reconsidering as there are so many homes for sale, many foreclosed upon, and vacant. I know we have to be careful of older homes, heck even new ones, with mold problems and lack of maintenance problems as this can be significant in HI. But I also can't help but think why build yet another home on this fragile island when there are so many available? Further, with some of the prices over there, one can hardly build for the same price.

When I think about what's important to me in purchasing a home, it's not even the home that's really important, it's the surroundings. I want a small home, around 1000 sq ft or less, with two bedrooms, but one is still ok too. I want a covered lanai or open carport. I want a nice size yard, but can still make do with a small one as long as we can maintain some sense of privacy. I want to landscape with tropical fruits, flowers and plants. I want to feel like I'm in paradise and have a pleasant view, this can be of flowers or trees, doesn't have to be of the ocean. I want to be in a safe neighborhood, with a sense of community and aloha. I do not want to have sketchy neighbors, loud or obnoxious, or a trashy neighborhood. I do not want to be overwhelmed by the frogs, or vog, or damn barking dogs, or other island smells that I find offensive (garbage dump). I do not want to be on a heavily trafficked street. I'm sure there's more to the list, but I'm getting bored with it. I am also very confident that we will find such a place.

Oh wait a minute - I want sun, that's important, so I have to be careful where I look as much of the area has cloudy rainy weather much of the time.

I'm posting some pics of some homes we're considering. The top three are in cool rainy Volcano area, the bottom two are in sunny seaview, both areas are very nice.


  1. Hi Ann,

    We are also a 3-way "split" between Montana, Pacific NW (Vancouver, BC) and Hawaii (HPP, on 10th). Having similar considerations, I would not recommend Volcano area if sunshine and warmer than cooler is one of your important criteria. Coming from 'gloomy, rainy and cold' I was also attracted to areas that still had promise of dry and sun but on the more affordable (windward) side of the BI. From all that I've read, Volcano has a strong community, which is a definite plus; however, it has seemed a bit cool and gloomy each time we've gone through there. Just our experience and observation. We still love MT, though, and even though we are building in Hawaii, we'll never sell our 20 acres and cabin that is located 23 miles NW of Choteau. Good luck on your search! Aki and Laura

  2. Hi Aki and Laura, We were in HPP just a couple of times and liked it too. I would say that sun and warmth are too important to us to locate up in the Volcano area. It's beautiful up there,and lovely houses on the market, but we gotta warm up! We too love MT and WA, so we hope to make this all work. Also hope to meet up with you someday. All the best, Ann