Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sat night - the party

Fun, fun, fun, we attended our first international food club dinner at a couple's home in HPP Saturday evening. We were lucky enough to attend with our hosts (the vacation rental we're staying in owners) Mike and Liz as they gave us a ride and were nice enough to introduce us to several folks. We met a few folks I've got to know through Puna Web so that was really cool to put faces and names to screen names. The theme of the dinner was Mexican and I must say, OMG there was sooo much good mexi food, pupus, main dishes, drinks and desserts - yummo! We ended up bringing an avocado dip with chips as that's all I had time to put together. I had looked up a recipe and brought it with me, then shopped for the ingredients at the Hilo Farmer's market and put it together about an hour before we went to the dinner. I couldn't find any peppers other than these small "Hawaiian" peppers for the dip, yikes, they burned my fingers for about 4 hours, but the dip was goooood! Anyway, the party was fun, the folks were great fun, ended up being about 50+ people there - a good time.

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