Monday, October 26, 2009

Tuesday - still on vacation!

Tuesday seems like a blur, one of those days where there wasn't anything too exciting going on, yet still full of exploration and new experiences.
We started our day with another swim in the hot pond, then home for a shower and breakfast of white pineapple, papaya and small sweet bananas

We visited the Mauna Loa mac nut factory. This was kinda fun yet crowded with tourist. There is a little tour and you can see them processing the nuts. You also drive to the factory through one of their large orchards and that was interesting as well. Then, you get to taste and purchase their yummy products. I always get my fill of mac nuts while on the islands, it was nice to get these right from the factory as they were fresh!

We went back down to drive the "Red Road" some and explore that area more. This road is one of the most scenic on the island and was our favorite area of the island, just also happens to be in the area that we are looking at land. We pulled off at a small overlook right across from the Seaview subdivision and had a beer, just sat back and relaxed and wondered to each other if we could really put this whole plan into reality... well, we think so.

We went and had a burger at the yummy, funky, local Kalapana Cafe - good food, coffee, ice cream, etc. Not much by the way of amenities in Kalapana anymore since the lava came, but new things popping up all over. Hey! This place could use a peddle-powered smoothie stand!
Tuesday night we created an island feast back at our home away from home. We had purchased some island poke' and some kind of beef. We cooked these briefly in the wok as I wasn't into the raw poke'. We also had a lovely salad of greens that were grown up in Volcano area. I washed the salad extensively as I'm paranoid about the slugs around the island. We topped that with a delicious island made papaya dressing and drank our "Volcano Red" from the local winery. Soooo good it all was.

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