Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dirt or lack there of...

I've been thinking more about options for no, or very little soil in relation to growing food. When I was on the island last time I noticed many, many houses had several potted plants placed about in their landscape, most in the black plastic pots you bring plants home from the nursery in. I thought they must not have the time to get those plants in the ground just yet. But now I'm realizing that many folks on the island garden in containers as a permanent option, likely because the lack of soil on certain parts of the island. I plan to do a post on soil building as I've assembled a bit of info on that and some of the different methods and mixes. But for now I'm just wanting to say that there is a lot of food that can be grown in containers. This past summer, I didn't have time to get my potatoes in the garden, I had started them in those large black plastic nursery pots that trees come in.... there they stayed until I harvested them as new potatoes. They were delish! Not sure I will ever waste the space of planting potatoes in the ground again. And harvesting them was a snap, just turn the pot up-side-down and shake off the dirt, no more cut up potatoes on accident.

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