Monday, November 22, 2010

every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end OR I am so thankful for this past year

Oh so true... with the holidays just around the corner I guess I've become a bit reflective over this past year. I look back to where my life was a year ago today and I am SO THANKFUL to be where I am today. Yes, it's been a long, rocky road full of heart ache and happiness, feeling completely hopeless and then singing from mountain tops. I've lost a lot, and I mean a LOT, (all just "stuff" in the end anyway) but gained WAY more. And today, yesterday and tomorrow I am happy, very happy to have walked the walk I've been on this past year. I am thankful I'm getting through, I've gotten through, and I'm still excited about what the future will bring.  I have myself to thank, I have been my best friend.

I've had a year of many renewals, many old friends visiting, good friends from grade school, high school and beyond. I'm so thankful for reconnecting with many of them and thankful we have all made these efforts after so many years. Love you all.

I've had my family come visit over the summer, ALL of them, and my kids, it was great and am so thankful for those precious times. Love them ALL so much!

I'm thankful for my little dog, my little girl, she's been there for me and with me, good days and bad....

I've also got to spend a little precious time with my little grand son, and Teagan's little family... Jackson (Bubbins) is oh so sweet. I am so thankful he's in our lives. My only wish would be to see him more, he changes sooo quickly.

I've renewed a relationship with an old boyfriend, "unfinished business" or "when old boyfriends become new again" whether timing was right or not, life happens quick and we aren't looking back. It's all been very exciting, fulfilling, and satisfying and we are both so happy to have found each other again.  He's been a needed distraction, and now great support and a relief from reality at times... not to mention sexy and extremely satisfying in EVERY way. I've needed this. It's helped me to emerge from darkness, darkness that was there for years in an unhappy marriage and prior to my post-divorce days. I am thankful for fate, and for Scott, love you, the way an old friend loves, the way an SO loves, the way a lover loves... <3

I've had a lot of GOOD laughs along the way... belly laughs.... laughter, the most healing dose of anything out there!

I'm currently at peace with my lot in life. I feel extremely thankful and strong again... strong enough for the Crazy Pineapple Dream... even if it is all by myself... :-)

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