Monday, January 21, 2013

More Lil' Pete

Well, I can't ship Lil' Pete to Hawaii with me... so dang, it's been a hard decision....

Lil' Pete has been this symbol of doing what may be unthinkable, going against the norm, but still surviving and flourishing - growing a pineapple plant in Montana.

It was 3 years ago, next week in fact, that I left my horrible marriage and cut the original Lil' Pete off and took him with me. He was a tiny pineapple, yet starting to ripen on a tropical plant we purchased randomly at Home Depot. I cut him, almost as an afterthought, on my way out the door, with the pickup load of my belongings, and away we went. I've not looked back, it was a HUGE move in the right direction. Hasn't all been easy, but it's been worth it, for me, and for Lil' Pete.

And now, here I am deciding what to do with this tenacious pineapple plant. In the end my dear friend Cathy has agreed to take him, albeit possibly sneaking him into California as contraband LOL!

This is him today, he's growing really big now, he's on a roll and so am I! The little plant below him is a ratoon he pushed this fall, it's "baby Pete" LOL!

Here are some links of Lil" Pete over the past few years.

Him after an unexpected snow....

That's Baby Pete when I took him off....

This was him shredded after a huge hail storm..

Yes... I'm into my pineapple plant Lil' Pete  

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