Monday, January 21, 2013

On shipping personal items


And I hardly even have any personal items left!! I've scaled down so much toward this move that I'm feeling I just gotta call it somewhere!

I've gotten quotes for shipping... upward near $5K, and I can't afford anything near that!

I first set a budget of shipping small items, at about $200, maybe $300, and it'll likely be double that... I've done a combination of flat rate boxes as well as some larger parcel post. The flat rate are cool because they get there quickly, are traceable,  and of course "if it fits, it ships". Yes, I've shipped some pretty heavy flat rate boxes securely taped, and over taped, and strapped with strapping tape.

For the parcel post boxes, by the time it's all said and done I will have shipped about 8 of those, not cheap and takes every bit of 6 weeks to arrive. Yet, some of the items I wanted to have there are bulky shaped and won't go into a flat rate box. I shipped 4 large ones out about a year and a half ago to a friend's house in HI, so all my camping stuff and some misc is already out there.

I have a few other items, family treasures, antiques, my bedroom set, and my bikes, these will all stay here in storage in my friend's basement for now. I am planning to give myself a one year deadline in which to deal with these items. My hope is by then to have a more permanent place to live and to find someone one to co-op on shipping items over with. I know of a few people that have some straggler items left on the mainland.

It's been an interesting process... I've set items aside, thinking I'd like to have them in HI, only to later remove them and either store them or sell them.

I plan to replace most of my furniture, etc on the island. It took me a little while to come to this decision, yet, I've decided that my old farmhouse rustic style stuff may not be what I want in the tropical environment. I am drawn to a more island inspired style now and will likely build around that. Also, in true HI form, I plan to incorporate more Japanese style items, of which I already have some.

Anyways..... that's my two-cents for today on this adventure :-)

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