Friday, May 7, 2010

Lil' Pete

Well, Lil's Pete was looking kinda brown around the gills and I thought I was loosing him. However, thanks to Sonia, I found out I was watering him wrong. I now only water him from the top and about every third time I'm using diluted miracle grow. He's come around! He's actually got new leaves and getting taller. I'm pleased. But now... who will care for Lil' Pete while I'm gone? I can't trust him with any old brown thumb. :-)


  1. ALOHA! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Hope you are having a great time off. Is this a Pineapple plant? COOL!!! Much Aloha

  2. Try this again...

    Well, yes, Lil' Pete my pineapple I've been growing in Montana. I grew him, harvested him, ate him and now replanted and he's growing again - so pretty excited bout that!