Friday, January 18, 2013

Tiny House Swoon

Why yes... some of the tiny houses on this site do make me swoon..... I LOVE the kitchen in this little place! The whole place is pretty dang awesome!!!

Here's more links to this little cute...


  1. Where on the big island?some places can get a little chilly ,I now live in Alaska but still have 6 acres at the 2200 ft elevation ,also the vog .I lived off grid there for 10 years loved it as could grow my own food back in the 70s ...your adventuresome spirit will do well,,,,ya might think about homeschool as public schools can be awfully tuff on folks not from there .or if affordable private or Waldorf love your picture of lil house rock on girl

  2. Thanks Ravenmoon!

    Thanks for your thoughts and advice :-)

    Yeah, I know all about vog and cold, I've done a bit of time on island already, only in a part time mode, now it will be full time.

    We're likely looking at about the same area you're talking about. That's why I def want a small wood stove and covered lanai area for sure! We've got out camping stuff to go find the sun if need be!

    As for B and schooling, I totally understand that. He already attends a home-based private school. His learning is all experiential and about as far away form public school and all their bullshit as we can get! :-)