Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thinking about yurts... thinking alot about yurts.

I've had a fancy for yurts for about the last 20 years or so. I mull them over and over, have researched the hell out of them. I know that in the end, they are more expensive per sq ft than building a stick frame cabin. But, I still am attracted to them. I can see Thomas and I with a yurt in Hawaii, with our dreadlocks and drinking fermented noni (just kidding, more like POG and rum). Anyway, we are very seriously considering a yurt for a number of years until we can be on island for longer periods of time. And, yes, we know all of the negatives about putting a yurt in an area of such high humidity, etc. (I lifted the pic of the yurt of Colorado Yurt Co's website, very cool and we will go through them if we do go yurt.)

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  1. Have you been here?

    I have a friend in California that is all about the Yurt. I am unsure if I am convinced (unless of course finances end up leaving us with no choice). I don't know there is something really cool about them too.