Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not so sure about this system

So, thinking about doing our "camping cabin" very scaled down and wondering about composting toilets. This one the "Incinolet" actually incerates the waste, you have to use a liner each time you use the toilet, then burn, each burn takes about an hour and a fan runs to cool and blow off odor. First thought it brings to me is "YUK". Second, what to do if power is out? Lastly, well, seems like it uses a fair amount of power just by itself. And heck where do I find all these liners, what if I run out of liners what can I use, what if the fan malfunctions, what if what if what if... Further, the cost of the toilet alone is about $1800 just for starters. This isn't really the "scaled down" approach I'm thinking about.

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