Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sorting, packing, shipping.... shipping, packing, sorting...

Ok... I'm glad to have had time to go through all this sorting and packing and resorting and repacking and finally.... yes finally..... starting to ship some things!! After my divorce a year ago, I was glad to have gotten away with any of my own belongings (nasty ex wanted EVERYTHING even if they weren't his prior to our marriage). I felt like, whew, at least I have these things to start a new life. But now, my feelings have changed quite a bit. I am looking at many of these things and realizing, they are just that - things. Sure there are family heirlooms that I treasure and will never part with, but some of the family heirlooms I'm handing on to other members of the family. If they want to love these items, so be it, I'm glad they are being appreciated. I will keep several things in ONE storage unit in MT to deal with in the future, also in case, just in case, I do return. I have gone through and sorted what ships, what stores, and what sells. I'd like to ship some furniture, but it's turning out to not be the case. I will see after I get there if I want to spend the money to do that. Also, I've always felt that, it's a small island, why bring yet more stuff to it, when I can likely find it all there.
One thing I keep thinking about is my glass and enamel kitchen storage containers. I'd like to have them, many people in HI say you will need to cover everything. I'm not a fan of plastic, but it holds up well in the HI environment, so does glass.... but likely not enamelware... and I want my cast iron pans!!!

Things like these go!
Things like these sell!

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