Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can't seem to find this type of food in my small town...

So, I'm taking matters into my own hands. These foods are some of my favorite foods found on the Hawaiian islands. Well, damn it, can't seem to find these anywhere in my small town here in Montana. So, I'm determined to learn how to make these dishes myself. Trial, errors, creativity, failure, enough wasabi and soy to cover mistakes, it's not so bad.

First attempt at Ura-Maki-Sushi, or inside-out sushi. Ummm... not sure about it as it's a bit more messy. But again, tasted good. I'll keep practicing.

My first attempt at temaki or hand rolls. LOL well with enough ginger and wasabi, its all good!

Alright, lastly I attempted to make Spring Rolls. I've been cravin these babies ever since my last trip to the islands. So, found a recipe in my Herb Companion magazine this month and gave it a try. My impression, it's difficult to roll up the rice papers, guess I need lots more practice :-) The spring rolls were pretty good, especially dipped in a sweet and sour spicy plum sauce. YUM!

Hey, Throw Down with Bobby Flay is all about sushi tonight and how to make it! I better pay attention!

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