Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Montana Personality

Well, born and raised in Montana, at age of 12 started living part-time in Washington State and part-time in Montana, and still do today. WE LOVE MONTANA and can't seem to get it our of our hearts, but hey, we don't have to anyway. Everything is big in Montana, large wild animals, big sky, big sunsets, big lakes and rivers, big snows, the list goes on, gives one a sense of place and how small we really are. We love the outdoors here. We love the people here, some of the nicest, most trusting and helpful folks you'll ever meet. We mostly love the small Montana town life. We live in the Red Lodge area, just a short drive to Yellowstone National Park. www.redlodge.com It suits us here, yet, there are times... like when the snow is 4 feet deep until April or May, or when you can't find a place within 5 hours that recycles glass, or some of the small minded, almost racist or homophic personalities become vocal. We work through it.

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