Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Got to get on with more positive thoughts

So, back to dreaming about pineapples and such. Below are listing in the Kalapana Sea View area that I mull over and over. Not saying I can ever afford anything like this now that my ex-husband has jerked me around... but one can dream right??

I saw this little cabin last time I was there from the road, it's a cutie. Just came on the market last week at $54K. It appears to be unpermitted and off grid, seemingly like some walls are bamboo, not sure. At anyrate, they've done a nice job with it. But it's not for me, too expensive and too open for part-time use.

And here's another lot for $30k, hard to tell much because of the jungle.

And this lot is listed at $26K, has a neighbor right next door, across the street there is an abandoned campout (I guess) and some foliage.

Beyond these, there are two more I find interesting, one listed at $26K and is more or less open like the lot above and on the same street. The other is listed at $30K and is located on the same street as the bamboo cabin above and is heavily jungled. I'm thinking I rather like something a little more open as less bugs and coqui frogs. The jungled lot we went by in the evening and it was LOUD!

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